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Illustration Techniques and Processes: 

✅ My typical process for creating a cover or illustration includes the following steps:

1.     I start by requesting a detailed brief from the client, including examples of illustrations if possible. 

2.     I prefer to create sketches and drafts in my notebook.

3.     From the sketches created, I select the three most successful ones and refine them on the computer using Photoshop or on the iPad using Procreate.

4.     I send the sketches for client approval.

5.     The client selects one of the sketches and may request revisions or combine elements from different sketches. If none of the sketches are suitable, we have an additional discussion about the project, after which I create a new sketch.

6.     After the sketch is approved, I proceed to work with color, using digital tools to achieve the desired result.

7.     I send the final version of the illustration to the client.

8.     If necessary, I make revisions.

9.     I rejoice in the successfully completed project and the client's satisfaction!


Concept Development and Storyboarding:

I start by carefully reading the text to understand its essence and atmosphere.

1.    I ask the client to send me illustrations they like from my portfolio or illustrations from other authors that, in their opinion, fit the book.

        (If the illustrations chosen by the client do not match my style, I decline the job.)

2.    For character design, I prefer doing this in my sketchbook. Sometimes the publisher requests the creation of a small scene from the book.

3.    Then, I transfer the sketch to Photoshop or my iPad and refine it.

4.    I send the main character or a test illustration for approval.

5.    Make revisions if necessary and send it for approval again.

6.    After approval, I work on the storytelling for the book.

7.    Sometimes I ask the client additional questions about the project to better understand the setting and character of the scene.

8.    I send the sketches for the book for approval. If needed, I make revisions.

9.    After approval, I proceed to coloring.

10.    I send the finished illustrations to the client.

11.    I pray that there won't be any unexpected major revisions.😊

12.    I rejoice that I've done a good job and that the client is pleased and happy!

How is the cost of an illustration formed?

✔️The complexity and level of detail required in the illustration is another key consideration. The more intricate and detailed the illustration, the more time and effort an illustrator will need to put in to create it, which can impact the overall cost.

✔️Urgency is another factor to consider. If a project needs to be completed on a tight deadline or requires the illustrator to work outside of regular hours, the cost of the work will likely increase to reflect the additional time and effort required.

✔️Finally, the transfer of exclusive rights to the illustration can significantly increase the cost of the work.


All of these factors are considered when determining the cost of a children's book illustration. At the end of the day, it's important to remember that creating illustrations is a professional service that requires time, skill, and resources - and, like any service, it should be fairly compensated.

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